Education Management

Solution Focused Services

RaShun Stewart is a highly motivated educator and professional committed to providing schools, educational agencies, and organizations with research-based, effective intervention initiatives and programming. He works with schools, districts, and educational agencies to support a wide spectrum of needs such as professional development, school improvement, and program implementation and evaluation. With a full understanding of the issues facing local and state agencies, he provides strategic consulting services to help you maneuver:

Education Management Services

Education Management Consultation
Helping clients address priorities in an ever-changing educational landscape. RaShun A. Stewart provides informed and insightful strategic management consulting support to school leaders, boards of trustees, and other administrators at educational institutions. Services are highly individualized, reliable, and prompt with every consultation.
Professional Development
RaShun A. Stewart offers a diverse selection of focused learning professional development experiences that are crafted to deepen participant understanding of a specific topic or instructional strategy. Many of these focused learning experiences are ideal for K-8 teachers who would like to help students with diverse academic, learning, and behavioral difficulties participate in, and successfully meet the demands of educational environment.
Pupil Services Consulting
The success of your students relies largely on the efficiency and effectiveness of your student-centered services. All student services must work together to support your students' success and your district achievement goals. RaShun A. Stewart will work with your district departments and staff to implement and follow best practices along the student support spectrum. He will review your current policies and practices to identify strategies for improved efficiency, responsiveness and accuracy, while allowing your departments to continue operating and serving students.
Classroom Relationship Management
Using a comprehensive professional development process, this solution-focused workshop provides effective tools and creative strategies to identify causation(s) of a student's problematic behavior and facilitate positive interventions to improve both classroom and school climate. The material is designed to help competencies for relationship-based early intervention planning and create confidence in classroom teachers.
Compliance Analysis & Formative Evaluation
Compliance analysis is a comprehensive approach that help districts conduct programs, operations, and activities ethically; with the highest level of integrity, and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. RaShun A. Stewart will identify and assist departmental staff with managing risks that impact the areas of student support services and special education services under the guidelines of IDEA, ESSA, and Title I & IV programming. This process will include the following procedures (if necessary):
  • Reviewing and adjusting your current program practices
  • Developing new program implementation procedures
  • Document new procedures
  • Prepare training for new procedures
Program Development and Implementation
Grow your programs with proven strategies and create custom solutions to support your mission. RaShun A. Stewart provides the support you need in conceptualizing, developing, documenting, and implementing your educational programming. He works with you to make sense of the results and then make appropriate changes to your educational programs.
Program Enrichment and Evaluation
Provide the support you need to improve the efficacy and sustainability of your educational programs. RaShun A. Stewart provides innovative approaches and methodologies to address critical questions and improve the quality of your educational programming.
Aligning Department Goals and Resources
Departmental goals and resources are part of the strategic plan that outlines the district blueprint for improving the education and achievement outcomes for all students. The strength of this plan is the continued alignment of departmental supports and resources dedicated to seeing this plan to fruition. RaShun A. Stewart will assist district staff in assessing the alignment of ongoing improvement efforts and initiatives with departmental goals and objectives. This assessment will serve as a "check in" to monitor whether district strategies and initiatives are moving them towards their goals, or whether they need to amend certain elements to course correct.