Professional Counseling

Counseling Specialties

Children / Adolescents
As a professional in the field of Education and a Certified School Counselor, I offer a diverse background of supporting adolescents, teenagers and young adults in a variety of settings including public schools, colleges/universities, residential treatment programs, juvenile detention centers, and outpatient mental health settings. My approach seeks to create an emotionally comfortable environment where children can feel safe to discuss their pressures and struggles and learn new ways to function more effectively in their lives. I provide an interactive and collaborative approach using a variety of treatment modalities, including but not limited to Family Systems Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The goal of behavioral therapy is to "unlearn" self-defeating attitudes and behavior. With young children, behavior modification often incorporates a reward system, like gold stars in school. With teenagers and adults, desirable behaviors are reinforced through the general improvement in the patient's mental outlook. Cognitive-behavioral therapy may include social-skills training, because children who are anxious or despondent frequently feel awkward in social situations. Individual therapy is usually complemented by family counseling and possibly group therapy.
In my practice of individual therapy, I use cognitive, behavioral, and family systems approaches to empower you to solve life's problems. I tailor my treatment approach to your specific needs. I treat diverse emotional and behavioral issues, anger management, depression, codependency, ADHD, and parenting. Together we can explore the elements of your environment and the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have contributed to your distress and difficulty. Please feel free to schedule your first appointment during which we will evaluate your symptoms and struggles, identify your goals, and develop a plan that will get you back on track.
Educator Wellness
Even the most practiced educator can become overwhelmed. The goal of educator wellness is to support your emotional and professional wellbeing. Enhancing and maintaining wellness is vital for the successful pursuit of your goals and being your best self in the classroom. When we are dedicated to giving students our all, sometimes that does not leave much for maintaining a family and our own mental health. A few small attitudinal and behavioral changes can dramatically help rediscover your fulfillment as a teacher. Together we will work to reclaim your wellbeing by focusing on your personal and professional self, managing the stress of teaching, and developing tools to fully enjoy the greatest job on earth.
School Leadership Wellness
School leaders strongly shape the conditions for high-quality teaching and are vital to the effectiveness of our schools. You are required to be instructional leaders, managers and mentors, all with the goal of helping every student succeed. The goal of school leadership wellness is to support your emotional and professional wellbeing so you can excel in this challenging position. Counseling increases consciousness and optimizes the management of your performance. I provide an interactive and collaborative counseling approach to help you forge the development of your essential drive to inspire and guide others.